April 18 2014


Andrew C. Singer

Director, Technology Entrepreneur Center - Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Research - Professor, Coordinated Science Lab


Phone: 217.244.9263

Jed Taylor

Assistant Director


Jed Taylor is the Assistant Director of TEC.  In addition to his work at TEC he also works with startup companies as an...

Scott Martin

Marketing Coordinator

Scott Martin is the Marketing Coordinator at the Technology Entrepreneur Center and handles all things design. When he's not graphically designing, Scott enjoys playing basketball, running, and watching pretty much...

Danyelle Michelini

Marketing Coordinator


Danyelle Michelini, a.k.a Dee, is the Marketing Coordinator for TEC. She has been with TEC since summer of 2009, and her...

Phone: 217.333.1210

Stephanie Larson

Assistant Director of Student Programs and Marketing


Stephanie Larson is the Assistant Director of Student Programs and Marketing at the Technology Entrepreneur Center. She joined TEC...

Phone: 217.265.5456

Brooke Newell

Curriculum Coordinator


Brooke Newell is the Curriculum Coordinator for TEC. She has been with TEC since April 2013, and her responsibilities...

Phone: 217.300.5660

Jennifer Bechtel

Program Director


Jennifer Bechtel is the Program Director for the Innovation Living-Learning Community. She helps to connect students...

Michael Adams

Video Intern

Michael Adams is a senior in Electrical Engineering and new to his position here at TEC as a Video Intern. With roots in high school news programs, he is happy to find himself back to video editing. When he's not...

Sarah Kidwell

PR/Journalism Intern


Sarah Kidwell is the public relations/ journalism intern for TEC. She is also a junior at the University of Illinois...

Sherry Yi

Video Intern


Sherry Yi is senior in English/informatics at UIUC. Despite her inadequacy at coding, she has a passion for film and is one...


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