April 18 2014

Graduate Certificates

Looking to boost your knowledge in engineering and entrepreneurship?

The Technology Entrepreneur Center has several graduate course offerings for professionals and graduate students. Building your resume has never been easier as our courses feed into two certificate programs. TEC's Online Courses are available in Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. 

TEC's Online Courses 

*Strategic Technology Management and Business Management for Engineers courses are taught by Fortune 500 executives, leading innovators in engineering, top domain experts and distinguished academics.

**These graduate programs are available for graduate students as well as professionals. 

Strategic Technology Management (STM)

The Strategic Technology Management (STM) certificate program is designed for students with an engineering background who aspire to lead a venture, make higher-level strategic technology/business decisions, and develop leadership skills. From an innovation viewpoint, this program will provide students with the understanding and the tools to incubate new ventures and participate in the process of innovation and market adoption within corporate environments.

The certificate program is composed of up to three fundamental courses and at least two hours of elective courses. The required portion integrates concepts of business strategy and the entrepreneurial process of innovation. Electives are intended to allow students to choose one or more focus areas in order to develop strengths in marketing, finance, design or quality issues and to complement the main focus of technology strategy.

Business Management for Engineers (BME)

The Business Management for Engineers (BME) program is designed for students with an engineering or technology background who aspire to rise in management, make higher level strategic business decisions, and hone leadership skills. This program will provide students with the tools necessary in proposing and managing initiatives and evaluating technology innovation from a business standpoint.

This program is designed to provide a multiplier effect on the value of an engineering degree by offering students the opportunity to explore the ways that technological innovations are created and adopted throughout the modern world. This certificate curriculum includes leadership and innovation material for those engineers who are interested in managing in an existing enterprise, rather than exclusively starting or leading a venture.



Visit the Office of Online and Professional Engineering Programs (O2PEP) to learn how you can complete the certificates online. On-campus students should register for the on-campus courses.


If you have any questions related to TEC courses or certificates, please contact Brooke Newell.

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