April 23 2014

Online Courses

Interested in engineering entrepreneurship from one of the top Universities?

Check out the TEC online engineering courses being offered. These courses are intended for off-campus individuals who want to understand the business issues in engineering, as well as how new technology-based businesses are created and managed. To register for any of the available courses below, please click here.

Also, take a look at the graduate certificate programs that you can earn by taking our classes and participating in our events.

If you have any questions related to TEC courses or certificates, please contact Brooke Newell.

GE 400 - Engineering Law Professor Joseph Barich
Nature and development of the legal system; legal rights and duties important to engineers in their professions; contracts, uniform commercial code and sales of goods, torts, agency, worker's compensation, labor law, property, environmental law, intellectual property. (Fall, Spring, and Summer)
3 hours

ENG 460 - Lectures in Engineering Entrepreneurship TBD
Fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship and commercialization of technology in businesses. Guest speaker topics vary, but typically include: evaluation and commercialization of technologies and business ideas; financing through private and public sources; legal issues; product development; marketing.
(Fall, Spring, and Summer)
1 hour

ENG 461 - Technology Entrepreneurship Professor Brian Lilly
Critical factors affecting technology-based ventures: opportunity assessment; the entrepreneurial process; founders and team building; preparation of a business plan including market research, marketing and sales, finance, and manufacturing considerations. (Fall and Spring)
3 hours

ENG 466  - High-Tech Venture Marketing  TBD
Cornerstone marketing concepts for innovators and engineers to enable analysis of products and technologies from a marketing perspective: engineering product development and adoption life cycle; marketing management; communication skills; sales process and tactics.(Fall, Spring, and Summer)
3 hours

ENG 498 - Sustainable Technology: Environmental and Social Impacts of Innovations Professor Brian Lilly
Introduces the environmental and social impacts of technology at each product life cycle stage (design, manufacture, consumption, and disposal/recovery). Electronic products will be used as a case study and provide the framework for discussion of legal, economic, social, and environmental considerations.
1 to 4 hours

This class introduces the environmental and social impacts associated with technology at each stage of the product life cycle (design, manufacture, consumption, and disposal/recovery). Electronic products will be used as a case study and provide the framework for discussion of complex legal, economic, social, and environmental considerations. - See more at: http://www.tec.illinois.edu/courses#sthash.AEeaYpma.dpuf

ENG 560 - Managing Advanced Technology I  Professor Bruce Vojak
Business perspective of managing advanced technology in industry: strategic context of advanced technology; analytical financial tools used to estimate potential value; legal concepts; interpersonal issues related to leading and advocating on behalf of advanced technology groups. (Fall and Summer)
1 hour

ENG 565 - Technology Innovation & Strategy  Sanjiv Chopra
Concepts for analyzing how firms can create, commercialize and capture value from technology-based products and services. Business, commercialization, and management aspects of technology; emphasizing the reasons that existing startups have failed to sustain their success as technology changes and evolves. (Fall and Summer)
2 hours

ENG 566 - Finance for Engineering Management Professor Brian Lilly
Cornerstone financial concepts for engineering management to enable analysis of engineering projects from a financial perspective: income statements; the balance sheet; cash flow statements; corporate organization; the time value of money; net present value; discounted cash flow analysis; portfolio theory. (Fall and Spring)
2 hours

ENG 567 - Venture-Funded Startups  Sanjiv Chopra
Concepts, tools, and language used by venture capitalists. Venture-scale opportunity assessment and articulation; venture capital financing and valuation; deal structure; term sheets; financial plans for startups; customer development and marketing; product iterations; sales execution. (Fall and Summer)
1 hour

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